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Food sought for Bethesda House
​Bethesda House is a food pantry and counseling center for those living with HIV/AIDS. Your donation of canned foods such as soups and vegetables, toilet paper and pet food is much appreciated. Members of our church community volunteer at the pantry each Friday. Please bring your items to the collection box on Sunday.
"Questioning Assumptions: Rethinking the Philosophy of Religion" to be discussed Wednesdays at 4
The book by Tom Christenson will be discussed at the Religious Literacy Dialog Wednesdays at 4 pm in the West Wing. Read more...
"Woman in Gold" to be discussed June 3
Cinema Conversations at 7 pm on June 3 will center on "Woman in Gold." The conversations are open to the public. Read more...
GA to be streamed live June 28 at noon
GA to be streamed live June 28 at noon
The Sunday morning worship service at General Assembly will be streamed live in our Sanctuary on Sunday, June 28, at noon. Read more...
UUSC, UUA Launch Earthquake Relief Fund
UUSC, UUA Launch Earthquake Relief Fund
The loss of life and devastation in Nepal from the recent earthquake are truly staggering. Our local church encourages you to support the efforts by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist Association in providing relief. Read more...
UUs in the Movies
UUs in the Movies
James Reeb, a Unitarian Universalist minister, and Viola Liuzzo, housewife and mother of five, are part of the historical drama, "Selma." Read more...
Media note Climate Symposium
Media note Climate Symposium
Local media took note of our recent Climate Change Symposium. SNN6 television news, Radio station WMNF 88.5FM, The Nilon Report - WSRQ, The Bradenton Herald and The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published interviews or reports. Numerous video commercials were also run.
Rosters for Get-Together Dinners are in the Members Corner
You can find the June rosters in the Members Corner. Call the office if you need the password.
Want to get married in the state of Florida?
Want to get married in the state of Florida?
Here is what you need to know.

This Sunday, May 31

New Series: Happiness


This Sunday, May 31,

10:30 am

The Pursuit of Happiness

What does the word "happiness" mean? How do we measure it? What research has been done about happiness? Sermon by Roger Fritts. Read more...


Choir Don Bryn, piano

10:30 am Programs for Children and Youth:

Nursery for infants and toddlers. Planting veggies, herbs and flowers in our garden for all other age groups. Read more...

9:30 am Forum:

New Advances in Clean Nuclear Power: Is Thorium a Solution to Climate Change?

Can thorium, "the wonder fuel," replace uranium and transform the nuclear power industry? Read more...

11:45 am Coffee and Conversation


Facing Climate Change

Facing Climate Change

We have been facing climate change in many ways: Commit2Respond, Climate Justice Task Force, solar energy petition, water issues, animal agriculture, fossil fuel divestment, "Cowspiracy," Climate Symposium, congregational meeting, interfaith conference. Read more...

Social Justice Actions

Social Justice Action

The UUCS Social Justice Committee is working each week to solve issues in homelessness, hunger, needs of children and families, human rights and the health of our planet. Stop by the Social Justice Table after the Sunday service.

Restore Voting Rights: Florida is one of only five states that does not restore voting rights to former felons after they fulfill all terms of their sentence. As a result 9% of Floridians cannot register to vote. Sign the Constitutional Amendment petition on Sunday in the courtyard or sign here and mail in the petition yourself.

Address Hunger and Homelessness Help pack, serve or collect food for adults and kids. Help prevent homelessness. Our project partners include All Faiths Food Bank, Sarasota County Schools, Salvation Army, Sarasota Housing Authority and many others.

Fair Trade Every Sunday We support economic justice for farmers and cooperatives around the world. Coffee, chocolate, tea and other Fair Trade items are available for purchase every Sunday.