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Board meeting coming soon
The next Board of Trustees meeting for UUCS is on Oct 21. Click here for the agenda.
Adult Education at UUCS
Adult Education at UUCS
Adult Programs is assembling offerings to start near January 15th, and we would like to include your offering.
UUs in the News
UUs in the News
Church member Ward Pallotta's article in ECOWATCH, Cowspiracy Exposes the Truth About Animal Agriculture, was shared 1,100 times within two days after it was posted.
Welcome to College Students
Welcome to College Students
We welcome college students to attend our Sunday Forum and Sermon services. Also, New College Unitarian Universalists holds small group meetings on Sunday nights at 9 PM.
Get-Together Dinners
You can find the rosters in the Members Corner, as they become available. Call the office if you need the password.
Have a bicycle to donate to a worthy cause?
El Parent will pick up your working bicycle and wheel it over to Turning Points to give homeless people a transportation option. Bikes needing minor repair are OK, too. Contact El at 201-6201 or
Participate in our Dialog on Religious Literacy
Advocates for Religious Literacy dialog each Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm in the West Wing. We are currently discussing the pros and cons of atheistic religion. All are welcome!
Marriage Equality Comes to Florida
Marriage Equality Comes to Florida
The UU Church of Sarasota opens its doors, arms, and hearts to gay couples seeking to marry. Numerous lawsuits are pending, so check the news often as the situation changes. We have plans in place to help people get married with very short notice.
This Sunday, October 26

This Sunday, October 26,

10:30 am:

The Edge of Paradise

We enjoy living in paradise. Dare we look ahead to the future? What are we called to do? Sermon by Lea Hall. Read more... 


Juan de la Sierra, guitar; Don Bryn, piano 

10:30 am Programs for Children and Youth:

The children and youth will have a Halloween party and then visit Emeritus Senior Living for Reverse Trick-or-Treat.


9:30 am Forum:

Inside the Dark, Mysterious World of Sex Trafficking

The Tampa/Bradenton/ Sarasota area is number two in the state for sex trafficking. Presentation by Elizabeth Fisher of Selah Freedom.  Read more...

Social Justice Actions

Social Justice Action

The UUCS Social Justice Committee is working each week to solve issues in homelessness, hunger, needs of children and families, human rights and the health of our planet. Stop by the Social Justice Table after the Sunday service.

Meals on Wheels: Volunteer to assemble meals from 8:00 AM to 10:15 AM, with a break -- OR – deliver meals from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Near Lime & Fruitville. Call 941-366-6693 for more information.

Marriage Equality: We are watching the FL lawsuits carefully, and we will assist gay couples who wish to marry.

Volunteers Needed at Select Food Pantries: Please inquire at the Social Justice Table.

Bethesda House Needs Toilet Paper: They were once rolling in TP thanks to a long time, major donor who can no longer help. Until we hear otherwise, donations of TP will be needed, umm, regularly. Also high on Bethesda's pantry wish list: bottled water, canned vegetables and dry cereal. Please bring your donations to church. Thank you.

Bicycles Needed: See item at left for more information.

FISH needs a Scheduler three to four hours per week. FISH is a Sarasota County program that connects volunteer drivers with seniors who need a ride to medical appointments. For more information, call Lele Siem at 924-6761.

Hunger Reports: A recent forum speaker mentioned several reports on hunger. Child Hunger in Sarasota & DeSoto Counties: The 2014 Hunger in America Report:

Green Sanctuary

We are a Green Sanctuary congregation, practicing reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth.